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released December 15, 2012



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The Best Friends with Wolves Club Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: The Last Song I'll Ever Write If The Apocalypse Happens This Year
I've been thinking about
What will I buy you for Christmas?
I've been really stressing out
How am I going to keep my darling from leaving?

Because I can't afford a ring
Or anything from Tiffany's
Let's hope this song is cute enough

I've been thinking about
How maybe you're a bit materialist
I love you with all of my heart
I wish that and a card would be enough

I'd buy you a jet
Just to show how high my heart gets
But I'd be forever in debt

I just want you to know
That you're the greatest friend that I could ask for
Let's watch a movie on Christmas eve
I'll hold you close until we fall asleep

And in the morning wake up
Here's your present all wrapped up
Now what did you get me?