Cities Vanishing

by The Best Friends with Wolves Club





released 12 April 2011

From HI54LOFI Records:
This EP was recorded during the winter of 2011, during a two night stay, in a cabin in Northern Ontario. Although the true recording landscape was that of a forest in the dead of winter, it really does sound like the EP is coming from an isolated radio station somewhere in outer space. The album art may have slightly influenced this feeling of outer space, but then I'm pretty sure the EP's sound influenced the album art first. Plus, a cabin in Northern Ontario pretty much is outer space.

The songs were arranged and recorded by Eric Reid & Jonathan Crane and those additional female vocals come from Minnesota's lovely Aubben Renée (who some might know better as Craven Canary); it is probably the noisiest blind duet she has ever done.

Here is what Eric has to say about the EP:
“These songs feel a lot different to me than anything else I've done. There's this really dark and desperate undertone to each of the songs that I feel completely captures how I felt this winter. Not that I was dark and desperate but there was just this overwhelming feeling of loss and hopelessness that I'd feel some days and I think that's when I wanted to write most. I was also a lot more conscious of the themes I was going for with these songs..there's a feeling of things that you've known and loved all your life starting to fade away or tear at the seams that I tried to pick up on...hence the title Cities Vanishing. I also wanted these songs to sound huge and a fire.”

Additional electric guitars by Mike Johnsen.



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Track Name: I Want to Know What the Wind Blows Like
I want to know what your hair feels like
I want your cold wrapped around my wrist
I know there's cities under snow, under leaves

I want to know what the wind blows like
Does it crash down around your home?

I want to know what your lips feels like
Let your cold wrap around my head
I know there's cities vanishing under snow

I want to know what the wind blows like
Will it crash down around your home

Do you need someone to love or do you need someone to hide?
Your affections buried deep in a church hillside

I want to know what the wind blows like
Track Name: I'm Not Colder
Change the reason we're living
Let's take the ice out of our hair

Cause I'm not colder when you're freezing
I'm not younger for no reason

Winter's always haunted you
The ghost's fall from the sky

But I'm not colder when you're freezing
And when I'm hungry, I'll go hunting

When I'm hungry I'll go hunting
Track Name: Come Home
I, I'm scared to come home
There's blood on your lips again
So I'll just sleep on the road

You'll beat and you'll break in
All the faces you know
You went digging for ghost's last night
But you dug up your soul

And I'll, I'll be out in the cold
I'll be swimming the coldest lakes
I'm swimming back home

Where you laid in bed on Saturdays
All those sad songs you wrote
You wrote of our great escape
But you escaped all alone

So I'll hold out my hand again
You know I'd pick you back up
You paint such a pretty face
With a mouth full of blood

I'm, I'm scared to come home
The water's so deep and dark
I can't swim it alone

I'm beat and I'm broken in
All the faces I know
They're not the faces in photographs
So I'll escape all alone